I love travelling and their is no better way than taking a spare of the moment photograph to capture that moment!


I love live music, events and capturing the special memories created on your wedding day!


Capturing a good animal shot is a challenge, Mission Accepted!


About Me

Behind the camera

I will take on all aspects of photography whether its your child's first day at school, your wedding day, family portraits, corporate or press photo’s as well as band shots and ‘on set’ photography, nothing is too big nor small, just get in contact to discuss your idea’s.

Hi, I am Katie Hulse, 29 years young from Doncaster, United Kingdom.
I am a media designer and photographer, you are currently looking at my photography portfolio. My media design portfolio can be found at www.krh1.co.uk
I am a UK based freelance photographer and my photography journey began 15 years ago, when my dad bought me my first ‘proper’ camera when he noticed I had a creative eye.
Since then, I have never looked back, capturing images when I feel inspired to capture them, noticing improvements to my photographs every time I capture something new.
I photograph anything and anyone within reason, if I think a good photograph will be the outcome I shoot away.
My main passion is motion, whether its friends jumping off trees or dolphins swimming in the sea, I will capture the bonhomie.
Photography to me has always been a hobby close to my heart, capturing something on the spur or a moment to be treasured forever.
Rather than specialising on a certain photography style I take on photography from all angles and don’t look back.
I have no photography qualifications but I do have a large collection of photographs covering all subject matters, just look at the quality of the images.
My current tools of the trade are:
Sony Cyber shot DSC-W350 - 14.1 mega-pixel digital camera.
I am currently looking for a Nikon DSR
I am available for all photography related work.

Digital Photography
Analog Photography


This is a great contact section for people to get a hold of you.The contact form works pretty slick it has a great confirmation message.